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8th January 2012

6:26pm: WTF Stumble?
My most recent fave on stumble is literally explicitly centered on both bondage and buttfucking. Yet, my fiancee cannot share with me her stumble of Lucky Charms cupcakes because I am apparently a "non X-rated user". What. The. Fuck.

12th April 2011

10:40pm: Bleh.
You know, I really should be more active on here, but jobless/internetless hermiting kinda gets in the way of that. Oh well. At least I crawl outa the woodwork to squash the spambots that try to comment on old posts.

12th January 2011

9:06am: Thoughts on the world setting/superstructure of TRON:Legacy
You're messing with my Zen thing, man!Collapse )

So, now that I've shared this fangirl-conspiracy-theory, any thoughts? Anything to add?
Current Mood: contemplative

11th January 2011

11:56am: Help!
So, I'm filling out my profile on OKCupid. Not really sure why, but what the hell, right? Anyway, as I am not other people, I have no frelling idea what other people notice first about me. So...

Anyone out here care to share what their first impressions of me were?

15th December 2010

1:41pm: Muahahahaha.
I got to be a Right Evil Bastard (TM) on the road today. Driving from one jobsite to another on 66 (eastbound during morning rush, which is its own special hell to begin with) at the Sudley road exit (dunno the route #), I got an asshole. One of those "I'm so special, I'll pull onto the shoulder to cut around everyone trying to merge into 5 mph traffic just to get a couple cars ahead" types. (Don't you just love those?) Well, I decided that if he's willing to practically shave my bumper to get in front of me, he's willing to have me stay there for the entire trip down 66. Spent 6 miles no further than 3 feet from his back bumper. (Never touched him, either. \m/) Never gesticulated, never yelled, just kept the 'blankface' behind my sunglasses. (Most of you who've seen me in person should know the emotionally neutral face i can get sometimes.) After the first three miles, it was becoming obvious I was unnerving him. He kept looking in his side and rearview mirrors with increasing frequency, and eve had a few aborted attempts to change lanes. Once traffic cleared out a bit, he changed lanes, and slowed to pull alongside me. I could see him looking at me, yelling up a storm, and gesturing wildly at me, clearly upset. I just grinned. One of those big toothy smiles. But not with my whole face, just the mouth. Guy stopped yelling and pulled away. I felt quite satisfied with myself. (And in a much better mood now that I've gotten to vent my 'holiday blahs' so thoroughly at someone, which is an unexpected but welcome bonus.)
Current Mood: Evil

9th December 2010

11:07am: Steven Lisberger, on the TRON: Legacy sountrack:
"More than twenty five years ago I inspired Daft Punk with the original TRON. With this score, that inspiration has come back to me in full measure. the TRON cycle now continues. The disc turns. Daft Punk has increased TRON: Legacy's bandwidth, adding depth to the low end, the Soul, and expanding the high end, the Spirit.They have decompressed the TRON universe and created a new form of cyber Opera. The is the next part of the storyline, a new benchmark - this is 'Tronscendency.' Perhaps others will one day want to return to TRON with their own talents and new technologies. when they do it will be because this music made them feel being a 'user' means creating beyond the limits of every program."

Steven, for spawning such an incredible phenomenon, I salute you.
Current Mood: Awed

7th October 2010

9:51am: New Year's Plans
Yeah, I know, it seems kinda early to be planning for New Years, but what the hell.

I have decided, that if no one I know is planning a New Year's party by the end of October, I will be making plans to spend New Years Eve in a strip club. Anyone who wants to is welcome to join me.

On that note, anyone have any good recommendations for DC-Metro-Area-ish clubs?

20th September 2010

6:32pm: I hope my first paycheck is ont he 1st, not the 8th. Need the money ASAP.
Gotta get the kitties fixed.

1 Male, 1 Female, and cats have no concept of incest. My kitties are adorable, but I don't want any more, especially not derp kitties. :P

15th September 2010

8:54pm: Great mood nearly ruined...
I don't know why I have such trouble dealing with governmental agencies.

I really don't.

But at this poiint, I refuse to deal with unemployment agencies anymore.

Fuck 'em. At least I have a job now.
Current Mood: crappy

14th September 2010

12:12pm: WOOHOO!
Current Mood: *happydance*

13th September 2010

8:48pm: Encouragement!
Job interview today went well. In the next couple of days, I should know how well.

Also, got to do something this weekend I don't get to do nearly often enough: Hang out with friends just watching a movie, and occasionally snarking at it. It was fun, even if one of them had stuff to do partway through.
Current Mood: *gongpose*

10th September 2010

4:29pm: Does this ever happen to anyone else?
Ever had a bunch of separate thing just line themselves up in your head as a plan or recipe? Even though you know you don't know of anything they could make when put together? I just had that happen.

Was looking at a my foodstores, trying to decide what to make for dinner. Then had this recipe pop into my head, and not leave. Never made it before, and not even certain it will be very good. But, I made it anyway. It's in the crock pot cooking now. I'll post what all I put together when it's done, with color commentary depending on whether it was good or horrifying.

EDIT: Huh. Not too bad, actually. Nothing spectacular, certainly, and if I was pickier about my food, I'd likely not eat it (I'm certainly not bothering to make it again, I can do much better most days). It's got a flavor that is charitably described as 'unique', but it's not all bad. I'll post what I made it out of, and let you all be the judge of whether or not I've lost my mind here. :P

4 boneless chicken breasts (premarinated from Wegman's in a 'brown sugar barbeque' sauce but mostly rinsed off)
1 carton Butternut Squash Bisque-style soup
1 box of large shell pasta
1 can Bush's baked beans
1 canful (bean can) of water
1.5 tablespoons (approx) of garlic pepper spice mix
1 can French's fried onions
Grated parmesan

I rinsed the chicken, then laid it in the bottom of my crockpot. I then mixed the soup, beans, uncooked pasta and spice mix in a bowl, then added some water to thin the mix and add volume. I poured the mix overtop of the chicken, then topped it with the onions and a layer of parmesan. Turned the crockpot to 'high' and left it for four hours.
Current Mood: curious

16th May 2010

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23rd April 2010

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6th April 2010

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26th March 2010

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21st March 2010

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20th March 2010

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14th March 2010

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12th March 2010

5:15am: Thirsty?
Have some vodka.

(Edited to use the better version.)
Current Mood: I need more metal in my life.

11th March 2010

6:22am: Bonus Points to anyone who gets the reference...
...but not many, cause it's kinda obvious (I think).

I feel I must somehow make and play this character: A lawful-good fighter with phenominally low wisdom (virtuous, but naive to the point of living in his own little world) and naming him 'Donald Kwiksote'.


10th March 2010

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6th March 2010

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